NHGRI to sequence the Gibbon genome

The white-cheeked gibbon (Nomascus leucogenys) will be the next species of primate to get its genome sequenced by the National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) in Bethesda, Maryland, accoridng to ScienceNOW Daily News. After decoding the human and chimpanzee sequence, the NHGRI has seen how the benefits of related genomes have helped medicine and other sciences; so the insititution has planned to sequence rhesus macaque, marmoset, orangutan, and gorilla genomes.

The work should help researchers understand primate and human evolution and the role of genes in disease, because related genomes provide a relative point of understanding what is a genetic difference between human and non-human primate and what is a genetic disease. The NHGRI plans to have the genome sequenced by three years…. but I think it will be done sooner.

5 thoughts on “NHGRI to sequence the Gibbon genome

  1. Out of the world’s 4 types of apes and the 3 types of greater apes (note: no such thing as a ‘Bonobo’ not as long as those highly variable Gibbons are NOT given new names like ‘Bindi Bindi’ or something and split into different speices of Apes) the Chimp seems to be stigmatised with infecting humans with dangerous viruses.

    Why is’nt the self-styled conservationist industry like primatolagy.net, NOT confronting the official propaganda. Why are you letting your Chimp mates be demonised?

    If its not raping a green coloured monkey its eating an ape. Is’nt claiming chimps etc cause things like AIDS both, 1. adding to the threat to the survival of apes and 2. bad medecine or are ape-huggers actually partly behind the scare stories in an irresponsible bid to 3. pervert mother nature and wrench out ape meat from the food chain.

    The headlines should read…’Deadly Nature -Tinkering Frankenstein Conservationists Disrupting Research Into AIDS Cure!’

    Anyway what about the planet’s foremost tree swinger, the Gibbon of India – is there more or less risk amongst the lesser apes like the Gibbo passing on viruses to humans?

    P.S. Talking of AIDS whatever did happen to Central Africa’s infamous so-called ‘Green Monkey’ Did they all get eating by super-evolved Chimps with a developed taste for delicious green meat?

    Why are the highest rates of AIDS NOT found in the Green Monkey’s host nations like ‘darkest’ Congo but found in the southern part of the continent, ie pinkest Africa – (you know, those apartheid and neo-apartheid nations which contain(ed) historically large white populations)

    I know its taboo to mention but if poverty also is not a factor then why is AIDS so much more prevelent in Southern Africa rather than the virus’es source in central Africa?

    Why the failure, why no research into this anomaly from western academics. It’s not like they would be forced to praise central African health care system for the significant higher rates of HIV infections in southern Africa compared to central Africa.

    Anti-Blairofascist League

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