Ape Meat Sold in U.S., European Black Markets

Bushmeat is the term coined and commonly used for the meat of terrestrial wild animals, killed for subsistence or commercial purposes throughout the humid tropics of the Americas, Asia and Africa. Bushmeat species include apes, other primates, ungulates, rodents, birds and some invertebrates. The act of hunting bush meat is very common in sub-Saharan Africa’s dense forests, where endangered gorillas, chimpanzees, and bonobos, as well as other primate species live.

For quite sometime, it has been believed that bushmeat consumption widespread to only western and central Africa. This ignorance prevails because bushmeat is thought to be a form of subsistence hunting isolated to the poor of Africa, as a cheap form of food their families and villages. However, new evidence from Justin Brashares, a professor of wildlife ecology at the University of California, Berkeley and his team, show that they have found the,

“…illegal meat in markets in Paris, Brussels, London, New York City, Montreal, Toronto, and Los Angeles.

The team documented 27 instances of gorilla or chimpanzee parts being sold. They found that most illegal meat is carried in suitcases and also is shipped in parcels and large containers coming through JFK and Miami airports. Inspectors say they can only catch about one percent of the total coming into the country, sadly.

As culturally sensetive as I try to be I can’t believe there are some people that think busmeat is a delicacy. They must be outstandingly jaded. I won’t even touch the argument that the transport of this meat is less than sanitary… but what about the one that primates harbour pathogens that also affect humans? Ebola for instance is epidemic in chimps and gorillas, and spread to humans during the butchering and hunting of such animals. One of the many hypotheses that attempt to explain how HIV crossed over to humans is that the virus passed into people by this hunting and/or butchering of an ape, most probably a chimpanzee or gorilla. Hunting and butchering produces blood splatters that easily create infective aerosols.

All in all, you aren’t disgusted at this, then I don’t know what to say… I’ll just leave with some images of bushmeat from photographer Karl Ammann.

“An early bush-meat picture with a very representative story behind it. That morning we were pulled out of a bush taxi at a road junction to record a statement with the police. Our taxi went on with the rest of the passengers, and we had to wait for the next one the next day. We then met a hunter while walking along the road. He told us that he had killed a female gorilla that morning. The police chief of Moloundou—a town farther south—had sent him the rifle requesting him to ‘get some gorilla meat.’ He shot the female gorilla that morning and sent the gun and the carcass back on the daily bush-taxi run. He was allowed to keep the head and one arm for his efforts. He proved this story by taking us to his kitchen, where I took this picture after he lifted the basket that had covered the head.”

“Gorilla hands are considered a delicacy and are served to the guest of honor at official functions. The Dutch Catholic bishop of Bertoua told me that even after more than a decade in the region, he was still regularly served gorilla hands and feet—even after he consistently rejected them.”

“This person, on the way home from shopping at one of the Libreville bush-meat markets, carries a ‘bagged’ male mandrill. Libreville, the capital of Gabon, is headquarters to many Western conservation nongovernmental organizations. It is the one major town in central Africa where the meat of a wide range of endangered species is still openly on display.”

“This chimp orphan is being kept captive as a plaything for children.

“Crocodiles like this one have the misfortune of being transported alive in this tied condition. Fresh meat earns a higher price than smoked meat at the bush-meat market.”

“A fetish seller in Yaoundé displays snakeskins, many gorilla skulls, and an elephant jaw. A fetish is an object or an animal that is believed to have powerful magic that can help humans.”

“A hunter returning from a morning’s outing with a typical ‘bag’ of guenons. This productivity level will decline fast as soon as commercial hunting takes off.”

“A Pygmy butchers a silverback gorilla. They shot the ape on the way back from an elephant hunt after they lost a wounded bull elephant.”

58 thoughts on “Ape Meat Sold in U.S., European Black Markets

  1. I heard a long time ago that there was a very active monkey meat business in California. With the large Chinese population, upscale and specialty Chinese restaurants serve fresh monkey brains, a delicacy. The monkey was kept alike under a covered table, and only the top of the head comes out of the top. A sharp hatchet type instrument was used to slice off the top of the head and the fresh brains are served to the customers. At the time it was done through a black market and customers had to have inside connections to know where it was done. I do not know if ASPCA or some legal organization ever discovered it.

  2. This website is disturbing… Apes should not be treated like this, they are just as human and friendly as we are. If you think about it we pretty much originated from them… I think the killings should be put to a stop and save what little we have of them left to be appreciated.

    1. Nikki, I agree 100% that the killings should be put to a stop. I just would like to point out that we did not originate from apes. We derived from the same common ancestor. Otherwise, I completely agree with you.

  3. This website is aload of sh#te.

    First of all why the term “Bushmeat” why not ‘Survival food’ The term “bushmeat” comes complete with colonial connotation and implication of a sort of existing savergery. What on earth dose this coined-up label “bush meat’ mean? Dose it litterally mean shrubs/bushes made of meat? If followed to it’s ilogical conclusion monkeys live in bushes rather than trees! Since when could lush tropical forests containing far bigger, stronger and greener trees then anything found in the lushest part of Europe (ie Britain) be misrepresented as a bush!

    “crocodiles like this one have the misfortune of being transported alive in this tied condition.” Fresh meat earns a higher price than smoked meat at the bush-meat market.”

    …sorry but how the hell do you expect someone to transport an untied croc. Crocodiles are routinely tied up before transportation in Western animal prisons/bushmeatprisons (Zoos) On top of that the Zoo’s Gunmen routinely shoot and tranqualise etc it’s captive animals before transportation etc.

    “Fresh meat earns a higher price than smoked meat at the bush-meat market.”

    …whats the problem and whats with all the bush-isms? fresh meat rightly commands a higher price anywhere you go in the world whether it be so-called food markets, butchers, delicontessent, so-called “bush-meat markets” and ‘super’-markets, a bush-meat banquets, bushwar-bushmeat-army-bushmeatcanteens, why pick on Africa for this?

    “This chimp orphan is being kept captive as a plaything for children.”

    …how the hell do you know that that chimp ‘orphan’ (whose mother may of either naturally rejected it’s newborn or been prayed upon by a predator ie Leopard) is being kept alive as a “plaything for children”. Is this chimp a plaything for a particualar child of an over-loving parent or any child who comes along? Why is it being implyed that people in Africa are incapable of rescuing animals? would you prefer a baby chimp to be scolded all day? Why dosen’t your capation read…’rescued baby chimp’ Anyway judging by the photo (suspiciouly complete with a naked todler in the background) the little chimp looks far happier and healthier than alot of the pets routinely kept as playthings I’ve seen in so-called ‘animal loving’ Britain. Why have you got a chip on your shoulder about people in Africa also being entitled to keep pets has happens all over the world.

    Going for calculated titalating primate shots in every photo bar a lone reptile photograph clearly misrepresents what game is actually consumed under eronous titles about “bushmeat” and a layman can easily workout that primate and reptilles form a minscule percentatge of any game hunted.

    Whats with the staged severed Gorilla head resting in a bowl complete with a bunch of bannanas prop (which somehow got into the shot) and photoshopped fake blood. Creeps.

    Karl Ammann seems to be a lazy-arsed photographer obsessed and profiteering out of dead monkeys. Website is al about ‘karl’s this’ and ‘karl’s that’ complete with watermarks allover the photos.

    Rather than use local photographers we have the spectacle of a German photographer leaving behind a whacking big carbon footprint while conducting his ‘commercial blood photography’

    Personally if primatology.net, Karl Ammann or any other profiteer from the bogus “bush-meat” industry wanted to invade my space, snoop around my property and take photos of my dinner I would either expect financial payment or tell the photographer to get lost. If Karl Ammann and co can make a killing out of those photos why can’t they…you know the “the person” “the fetish seller” “the hunter” and “the pygmy”.

    karl clearly finds choped up ape fotos thrilling so instead of jetseting off why dosen’t he take photos of farmed-primates/farmed-bushmeat in Britain and record the horrors they go through in it’s laboratories while testing their grabbed bush-medecines.

    Anyway considering all the gibberish spouted out from the bushmeat industry alot of people seem strangely healthy and full of life in those photos considering how alledgedly bad ‘bushmeat’ is ment to be for humans consumption.

    PS could Karl Ammann please try not to include other people’s naked children while taking photos of people’s dinners.

    Whoever the bushmeat industry’s target of demonisation and guilt tripping about food are (it especially seems to be Africans for some reason) those men, women and children owe nobody an appology for what constitutes their diet.

    The Survival Foods Movement.

  4. To the commenter from the Anti Blairofascist League,

    You’re right on a few points but in general are so very wrong on the others you bring up. What you are right about about, is that the term bushmeat originated from a colonial description to describe the meat of terrestrial wild animals, killed for subsistence or commercial purposes throughout the humid tropics of the Americas, Asia and Africa.

    It literally means the meat that comes out of the ‘bush’ or wild. So don’t be a smart ass and think we associate it with shrubs/bushes made of meat. If you think that’s a valid argument, you need to do a serious reanalysis of your talking points.

    Aside from the etymology of the word bushmeat, you raise interesting and sometimes valid arguments. What you are addressing, albeit in a very immature manner, are concepts and critiques related to cultural relativism. As the author of this blog post, I acknowledge that there are some places where cultures and practices should not be intervened with from outsiders — but there are other situations where serious actions need to be taken.

    Bushmeat and the industry that supports it is one of these situations that needs to be addressed from both the outside and the inside, i.e. the poachers and what not. We do not have a chip on our shoulder about people in Africa who partake in this industry. It is wrong no matter who does it.

    I won’t spend much time arguing with you about the use of poignant photos of primates being butchered. They are not photoshopped. If you believe these photos are fake then you are ignorant. These are very real photos, and you should be prepared to accept that if you are arguing in favor of bushmeat.

    How bushmeat is defined in our popular culture and how it is used in our language, is to describe is an unethical approach to hunting and sustenance. Bushmeat does not need to be done, especially considering many of the species that are hunted are seriously endangered. It is savage, it is wrong, it needs to be dealt with.


    1. Thank you Kambiz, what needed to be said has now been said as respectfully and maturely as I think it could be.

  5. I am horrified at the remarks made on this forum by “antiblairofacist league”. What an idiot, when many species of primates are virtually extinct to make sure puerile immature remarks, surely designed just to wind up conservationists. Please keep on educating the world about the horrors the bushmeat trade and help save these remarkable creatures. Yes, the pictures are horrible, yes I am sure they are real and blair… should hang his head in shame and grow up quickly!

    1. Yes definitely, I am glad to have others who believe that that commenter should grow up. What is put on this website is needed. The world needs to be educated to save our other half in this competitive symbiotic relationship.

  6. I can understand the concern with PR; however, I cannot fathom the callusnous with which animals in their natural habitats (shrinking) are addressed by the unkind commenter above. These are real lives, who form communal bonds as tightly as we humans and who are capable of understanding sign language. Please show some restraint. Trying to define wild animals in terms of their geography, irregardless of their culture, is no different than trying to define humans in terms of their biology, irrespective of their environment. We all value the inherent treasures of Africa, its great wildlife being a supreme example.

  7. oh, it’s ok. let the poor of africa starve. it’s really much more important to save the lives of animals. in fact, lets just go over and kill all the africans. that could save a lot more animals lives.

  8. i hate people who eat animals!!!! human are so freaking selfish all they think about is themselves and wut animal they need to kill to feed there worthless stomach!!! i hate meat eating selfish human beings!!! who the hell do these humans think they are the king of the earth??? yea right god is the king!!! and humans are killing his creations to feed them selves and thats selfish!!! U DAM RIGHT I HOPE ALL THEM AFRICANS STARVE TO DEATH!!!!
    This post was deleted because of it’s insulting nature

  9. How do you feel about animals who eat animals? Should they die too? Also, how would God feel if he knew that you wanted his children to die? Even if they’re sinners he still loves them. Did he personally appoint you to judge them? At my church we recently made a contribution to “CROP”, A program that educates people like these to cultivate their land and gives them seeds/supplies instead of just giving them food. I think you would be a very influence on a program like this if you redirect you thinking. Your basic feeling may be correct (though I also eat some meats) but you should do a little research and see why things are the way they are. You will probably find that some of your everyday activities and /or purchases force these people to live this way. They can not cultivate their land because they are oppressed. My Pastor, who is white (I’m the only black guy at my church), says that people like these people don’t start the race at the starting line. Some of them start so far back that they will never even see our dust. Others are so far back that they don’t even know which way to run. Some of these people are controlled by forces that are not published in this article but please don’t take my word for it, research it. I want you to see the proof on your own so that you will know that I’m not lying. Who condones this type of market? How can these Africans defy this power? You may make a difference if you can answer these questions. I don’t dislike people like you I just want you to look at booth angles of this

  10. how rude to show pictures of a gorillas hand that had been chopped also a head think the sight is discusting i came across this site as i was looking for pictures of the gorilla i got pictures alright think its absolutley revolting how people cud be so mean to these beautiful animals horrendus!!!!!!!!!

  11. Hey you buch of ape loving dolts , humans are dying and you cry over these filthy animals being shot and eaten. I say we go there and have an orgy of killing apes !!!! Then we can have a barbercue with the living orphans, yummmmyyyy! But don’t cry, I’ll cut the heads off their stressed out little furry bodies and put the next to the baby we are eating. So you know which one you are munching on. Leg or ribs? Oh and just have to have Jane Goodape, and Rachel Hogape over to sample some delicious baby gorilla and baby chimp and as an added bonus we give them the heads of the babies they ate as a memento. So to all of you ape ass kissers MAN RULES!!!!!! This post is deleted for foul language and advocating cruelty to animals.

  12. Its very sad the level of ignorance that continues to dominate the worlds human population. If we actually looked at and accepted the facts and science of primatology and listened to its scientists then perhaps all of the surviving cousins of ours wouldn’t go extinct :(. Instead we have society’s built upon living unsustainable and consumption has no limit in our minds and has terrible limits and repercussions on the remaining finite natural resources of the Earth.

  13. In response to Anti Blairofascist League’s quite frankly disguisting comments.

    I can’t honestly grasp that you could possibly beleive in what you have written! You could be more closely related to a chimpanzee than you are to your spouse! It’s practiacally canabalism!

    As for that orphan chimpanzee, to anyone who has any experience with Chimpanzees (which I can tell you have not) it is obviously distressed. It’s most probably witnessed it’s mother (if not it’s entire family) slaughtered! It’ll be emotionally damaged and in need of someone who understands chimps. It’s like you being taken away from everything you’ve ever known and being forced into a different way of living, with no family or proper care.

    It makes me so angry and quite sick to think that there are people like you in the world. My question is, what makes human beings the more important speicies? How is is acceptable for humans to kill apes, and not the other way around?

    You need to stop being so narrow minded and selfish and seriously think about what kind of person you are. Because if you can believe that bushmeat is okay, then perhaps you’re the one with the animal mentality.

    1. While I was in genetics class, my peers and I were debating about the “higher” species. One member of this discussion brought up an interesting point, that we consider ourselves predators to say the least. Predators eat predators, however. When you think about it, we are not predators, simply secondary or tertiary consumers. We ended saying that humans just force ourselves to believe we are above animals because we invented, say, the iPod first. You are completely correct in questioning the acceptability of devouring apes.

  14. My name is Terra Hilger I work at Blanchard Middle School as a science teacher and I love that this website is informing people about bushmeat and the bushmeat trade. My classmates and I are trying to inform the bushmeat trade, we dont like what they are doing to these poor animals.

  15. I hate when people are so crul to animals. It makes me sad too because I think of them as furry humans so thisis murder and it needs to stop. When I grow up I’m gonna be a primatologist and help protect them!!!!!!!

  16. As someone who graduated with an anthropology degree, who loves the subject. And who deeply believe in the conservation of natural environment on our planet and looking after bio diversity. I have no problem with the idea of “bush meat” be stoped.

    However, I feel very angry at the way this post dispicts Africans and the racist diatribe is has engendered.

    I am deeply disturbed by that fact an anthropologist would let his or her emotions get the better of himself or herself and be unable to look deeper into the social, economic and cultural reasons for native people eating foods from THEIR LAND, and the problems that is involved in convincing people to do otherwise.

    I feel it is ridiculous to expect people who do not have the education opportunities we have in the first world to understand ideas such as conservation and biodiversity without a comprehensive education program to go with the changing of behavior.

    But I feel even more horrified that people who have had the education opportunities in the first world would write comments such as “I hope all Africans Starve to Death” in an attempt to be “compassionate” towards animals.

    I am deeply embarrassed by this post by both the author and the commenters.

    It really is a shame because I have enjoyed looking at this site so far, and I think this post and the commenters have brought the site to a very very shallow and childish level.

  17. Yan,

    No one is forcing you to read this site. That being said, I’m not gonna change my opinions on bush meat just to be culturally relative and accepting of where these people come from.

    They are doing something wrong. They need to stop. It just so happens that much of the bush meat problem comes from Africa, but I’ve written how they’re not the sole group to blame. For the most part, they aren’t killing these animals on their land. Rather many of these animals are killed on national, or even international grounds, that have been set aside to conserve the wildlife.

    Again, you’re more than welcome to read other sites that match your view points. I’m not making you read this site, nor will I change my tone to appease to you. You’re also more than welcome to continue reading , but please take this advice — as an anthropologist, actually as any academic studying people and culture, subjectivity does no good. I really don’t care about how you feel about people in the bush meat industry when it is obvious they are doing wrong.


  18. Africa has neither the infrastrucute, stability or economic flexibility to actively pursue the illegal hunting of endangered animals when much more pressing matters that deal with HUMAN life need to resolved. Africa, unargueably the poorest continent in the world, plauged with political strife and disease will see no improvement with the stopping of the bushmeat trade, and will only see the people who survive on substinence level through the bush trade fall into further poverty. Until Africa begins to produce something that the world wants to buy other than rare skins, endangered meats, diamonds and other raw materials, their will be no practical advantage to stopping the bushmeat trade

  19. Anyone who would hurt or kill any of these most amazing creatures in my opinion wouldn’t have a problem doing the same thing to a human. One wouldn’t butcher grandpa to make a dollar if they were starving, I see no difference in the massacre of Great Apes. It’s murder in my view.

  20. Proof Africans are truly cannibals- it was never a lie.
    $600 billion USD pumped into Africa and it remains the greatest sh!thole on the planet, breeding like insects witbout regard to having resourcdes or not to provide for them.
    The best solution for Africa is to simply let them starve.
    Survival of the fittest- animals that out-reproduce their food face famine- why not these obviously intellectually inferior nuisances?
    This post is deleted for racist language

  21. It is sad that the apes are hunted for meat. However, the Africans do have the right to hunt. I just don’t know why these particular Africans aren’t hunting antelopes or wildebeests, which are all over Africa. Why they have to go for the primates, I don’t know for sure.

  22. “If you caught your son burning ants with a magnifying glass, would it bother you less than if you found him torturing a mouse with a soldering iron? How about a snake? How about his sister?”
    – NY Times article I just read about giving apes the same rights as humans. Which is also pretty ridiculous.

    But I have to say this whole topic reminds me of the quote. How is it that it’s acceptable for us to slaughter millions and millions of cows and chickens, but it’s not alright if these Africans, who by the way, would probably have a nice hot burger just like you if they could, to hunt apes?

    And to Andrews comment “However, the Africans do have the right to hunt. I just don’t know why these particular Africans aren’t hunting antelopes or wildebeests, which are all over Africa.” If they started hunting antelopes and wildebeests would it bother you less? We also have the right to hunt deer, squirrels (I’m guessing..) how come we’re killing cows and pigs? Why not the deer? Hell where we live we’re definitely killing them by hitting them with our cars, why not eat these dead ones instead of killing more cows? The point is, they CHOOSE to hunt apes. Maybe it tastes better to them just like cows and pigs taste better to us than deer.

    I think I strayed a little away from my point which is I don’t really think we have the right to judge another nation’s way of coping with poverty and hunger. How can we, who have the financial power to overeat and sit our lazy fat asses in front of the television every night, judge these suffering people who have to hunt and kill for their meals every day?

  23. “Proof Africans are truly cannibals- it was never a lie.
    $600 billion USD pumped into Africa and it remains the greatest sh!thole on the planet, breeding like insects witbout regard to having resourcdes or not to provide for them.
    The best solution for Africa is to simply let them starve.
    Survival of the fittest- animals that out-reproduce their food face famine- why not these obviously intellectually inferior nuisances?”

    WHAT THE F*#K??????
    Even if we say the apes are a 98% genetic match with us, the remaining 2 percent makes them NOT HUMAN. No questions. They’re not us so its not cannibalism and I can’t believe someone would be so closed-minded to say such garbage.

    You have no idea how many things, vegetables, fruits, and random objects that have dna matches so close to us! It’s the remaining difference that makes them different. Don’t look at the 98 and say they’re human. Because the other 2 percent tells me they’re not.

  24. That’s right. Gorillas are not humans. However, they should be raised in a farm for food, just like cows and chickens. Legalized farming will ensure they will not go extinct.

  25. Derek- bleeding hearts brigader forgets AIDS most likely came from AFRCIANS chopping up Greene’s monkeys as well as Ebola.

    Legumes, prawns, fish etc all provide SUSTAINABLE protein. Farming presumably exists in Africa- and a bean plant grows very well in a pot.
    Whitey is not stopping Africans from sticking dirt and a bean seed in a box.
    Digging a small pond and putting in two fish?

    All humans are equal but cultures are not- said African Hirsaan Ali. Obviously African culture is so regressive and mindlessly non-adaptive it is a perfect oxymoron.

    So where’s the compelling argument for saving mindless idiots outbreeding their resources?

    Sorry- white man is not to blame for randomly impregnating mutliple women- as they still commonly do in the West, her popping out 8 children for a government medal- then sitting around in the dust waiting for a UN food drop.
    Nor is whitey to blame for AIDS-infected Africans to serially rape underage virgins (male and female) as a “cure”

    Best let Africans face the consequence of their own poor life choices- outbreeding food supply and resource capacity and total contempt for the most rudimentary hygiene.

    Black man created the problem- now let him face the consequence.

  26. Also-

    “bushmeat” is a BLACK AFRICAN TERM.

    What at an utter PC moron.

  27. It seems to me that there are two components to the article, one of which has been used and abused, so far, in these comments and the actual point of the article – which has been largely ignored.

    Illegal meat being imported into the US and Europe was the point. There is, however, no discussion of a market or markets for the product of this alleged revolting practice.

    That would mean the practice is alleged; not the revolting.

    What the Africans do in their own countries about finding food is an element that can be addressed by education and by bettering their economic situation – unless they actually prefer the wild animals for food, as many in the US do when it comes to deer, elk, and antelope as well as many birds and fish.

    In the northern parts of North America there are no wild apes or monkeys – nor many aboriginal people – so the primates were not part of the foods normally eaten by the native people nor by the northern European colonizers.

    It is quite possible that our attitudes would be different if there had been an ancestoral tradition of exploiting apes for food in our cultures.

    Given those points, the question is: why would the meat of those animals be imported into the US and Europe? Not to feed people of European ancestory – except perhaps for a few who seek an adventure – because we don’t eat primates.

    I will guess that if such a traffic exists, it exists to feed the appetites of people who come from a tradition of eating those animals – and who can’t find it in the markets of the countries in which they reside.

    It does not seem likely that the US FDA will be allowing gorilla, chimp or rhesus flesh onto the market here very soon.
    We can’t even sell wild deer meat legally.

    I expect that the European Union is similarly unlikely to allow those animals sold on the open market.

    So, what’s a monkey eater to do? Either return to his/her homeland for the monkey snack during vacation or smuggle in the forbidden flesh.

    In the latter event we are dealing with a law enforcement issue in Europe or America. No need to malaign the Africans, other than the smugglers – if they’re African – about that.

    In short, if you are concerned about saving the apes – help with the economic development of the people who eat them or – if the apes are eaten due to preference help with the education of the people who eat them.

    I don’t think this forum should be used to spew racist crap.
    On the other hand – maybe we need to hear, or see, it sometimes so we can remember that some among us think such things.

  28. You anthromorphising idiots are so far off the right track it is piteous!!! You treat animals as if they are more value than human beings. By this I mean you waste rare medicines and oxygen tents etc. on filthy screaming infant apes,oh and you diaper them coddle them, love these animals just like human infants. This sickens me…when tyhere are thousandsof humans who could use these rare medicines to stay alive but…no its for animals..ugh!! You species traitors are doomed!!!! Doomed to failure in your false promotion of apes being just like us bull!!!!

  29. Hey liv , you talk as if these animals were people. Well lets see Frodo a male chimpanzee adult with a long history of aggresion towards other chimps and humans was noted very early, yet he was allowed to roam free uncaged,well lovely frodo attacked a woman with a baby on her back and tore the human child from her and ran off with it,sure enough the chimpanzee killed and partially ate the infant. Were there ANY CONSEQUENCES for this blatant killing? Not one! In fact because this was a Jane Goodall chimpanzee he was untouchable!! Hypocrites!!!!1 Next in another Goodall sponsored “sanctuary” bolo a male chimp adult and a group of chimps attacked and maimed on man they attacked a car! then the chimps attacked and tore another man to pieces1 And once more NO CONSEQUENCES AGAIN!!!! Again these were goodall sponsored chimps. So tell me liv what would you do with these apes Would you go into a cage with them? Why not ?you claim they are just like us! I am sure they would listen to your voice of reason right liv?? No heres what would happen you would go into the cage full of screaming exited chimp adults they would slam you to the ground while taking bites out of the parts of your body that were handy all the while jumping on your prostated body punching you and dragging your body around eventually you would die from wounds terror or the chimps would finally bite your skull and you would die. This is graphic but that is exactly what happened to those tourists attacked by bolo and thats what happened to the human baby frodo took!! These are animals with animal instincts. You see it is way too easy for people like you to sit in your split level heated home and be outraged by the so slick propoganda people like Jane Goodall, Birute Galdakis, Rachel Hogan, Sherri speede, the cronins , Karl Amman are pushing down our throats to convince us that apes ae human, yes it is too easy for you and your ilk to point accusing fingers, phony!!!

  30. George Brass- too much monkey meat has rotted your brain.

    Northern Africans do not eat Ape, monkey, snake, dog, cat or any omnivore- as it is haram- forbidden by Islam.

    The stone-age primitives south of Libya, Ethiopia etc, unfortunately making the bulk of all Africans grow their enormous buttocks with ape meat as they are regressive shamanist pagans.
    An example of the utter primitivism beloved by Africans are that witchcraft and demon-possession are legal terms used in Chad, Cameroon, Nigeria Gabon and terms of legal defense.

    Legumes, prawns, fish etc all provide SUSTAINABLE protein. Farming presumably exists in Africa- and a bean plant grows very well in a pot.
    Whitey is not stopping Africans from sticking dirt and a bean seed in a box.
    Digging a small pond and putting in two fish?

    Greed, laziness and contempt for placing greater emphasis on the intellectual rather than the crude physical and instant gratification of base desires.

    And you claim humans are not apes?

  31. And yes- animals are far more valuable than humans- ask any of those hundreds of African poachers who have murdered game park wardens for some cash for jungle beer.

    Hopefully the prevalent over-breeding low-grade Africans will self-extinguish themselves and do the world a favour, leaving the elites and middle-classes.

  32. Myths aside, it has been claimed that the HIV/ AIDS virus may be such a case, as it is thought that it entered human populations through the consumption of non-human primates. The origin of HIV has been found in wild chimpanzees living in southern Cameroon.

    large number of Africans necessitated by poverty and high food prices to rely on bush meat, including gorilla and other great apes meat, and who may be courting, among others, various new encephalitis and hemorrhagic viruses, Lassa fever, and Ebola virus.


  33. the africans are just doing what they have been doing since well who knows.the people who sell them should be put in jail.apes share about 98% of our dna.they should be treated with decency

  34. Finally antifacist fellow has it right! This “bushmeat crisis” has been manufactured by a few self titled “primatologists” to first justify their own obscene existence, and second to guilt us in the west to open our thin wallets even further! Jane Goodall was warned by the leading anthropologists of the day before she went as well as animal behaviorists, to not have direct contact with the chimps because contact would ultimately alter the true nature of the chimpanzees, by true nature I mean avoiding humans at all costs. What did she do? She began to feed them on a regular daily schedule which managed to cause the chimp group to stop foraging for food, (the first corruption of chimp nature), then after some time she actually began to handle the infants of the chimps (a huge alteration of chimpanzee behavior mother chimps do not let others handle thier infants even in their own group, of course before goodall came along), third the altered chimps were administered medicines, and of course she named them, do you see the pattern here? She had turned them into nothing more than seriously dangerous pets. Yes I said pets! Oh and the truth of the matter is Doctor( it is an honorary title bestowed upon her by a university(they should have their charter pulled for this error!) Goodall is a misnomer! She is not even a scientist! Yet the animal rights people have deified her and everything she utters is considered gospel! As for that Photo Pimp Karl Amman I definately agree with blairo Amman is an opportunist of epic proportions, he tagged onto the “bushmeat” lie and has been riding the gravy train ever since. He should be sent back to germany where he can work for der spiegel photographing blood soaked crime scenes and auto wrecks to keep pandering to the morons of this world. Africans and the African panorama of nature were doing just fine without the interference of self styled ape huggers who have brought thier western concepts of how others should live and have done nothing but condem the very people they should be helping. Instead of wasting precious and rare resources on animals help humans to improve and in most instances save the lives of people not apes. By rare and precious resources I mean the medicines like anti biotics, oxygen, even incubators(meant for human infants not apes!), and human infant formula as well as saline, and I.V. units and of course diapers. I am amazed at the tolerance the respective Governments the ape huggers gleefully condem on the endless flood of television shows about the plight of the apes, that these Governments have not thrown the ape saving organizations out of the country. In conclusion This phoney bushmeat crisis has been manufactured by a few (who are so desperate to be right they have ignored all else) to profit from gullible people in the west. Hey, why don;t the so called primatologist get a real job and stop this money grubbing.

  35. I think this discussion is quite immature.
    Obviously it’s not a desirable situation that endangered and rare animals are slaughtered for food or medicinal reasons (regardless of whether we think it could work). But the problem was never so simple as to just forbid local people to hunt animals from the forest and that’s that. Noone here who knows anything about the problem thinks it’s that simple. Local people are starving and need some form of livelyhood. The reasons for poverty in Africa are many: wars, exploitation by the Economically better off parts of the world, a harsh climate. Some are caused by the population itself, some are not. Fact remains, there is a problem and we can help in lots of different ways to solve it.
    For those here who seem fond of shooting down Dr. Jane Goodall and her research, please have a look at http://www.rootsandshoots.org This organisation was started by her and focuses on the WHOLE problem, including humans and what they need to survive.
    What we need is sustainable solutions for these problems, we don’t have to choose, we can have it all if we just work together and use our brains to help eachother, not work against eachother.
    For the readers and posters on this forum: be respectful towards eachother and watch what you write down, I read every single post and will not tolerate foul language, racism or advocating cruelty to animals or humans. This blog is not the place for such posts and I will not subject our readers to them. There may be other places where you can spew your adolescent angst and frustration, this is not one of them.

  36. Quite the contrary dear Walter, I welcome them. As long as they are voiced with the same level of respect that I give you. As for your earlier post, I think it’s a good idea if you make sure you read up on ALL aspects of a situation before you voice your opinion, especially if you intend to do it with the amount of force that you did. It seemed to me like you formed your opinion without doing that, and I gave you some information that I thought was lacking. If you are truly interested in problems like rural development and conservation, you will welcome this information and integrate it into your opinion. Please don’t mistake opinion (yours or mine) for truth, because neither of us knows so much as to own the truth.

    Here’s another piece of information by the way: the mobile phone you own probably contains a small piece of metal that has been dug up from the Congo, called Coltan. It is used to reduce the amount of heat your phone generates. A large part of the war and conflict in the Congo area right now is between local groups claiming ownership of a piece of land that is rich in this mineral. They shoot eachother, and the gorillas that live there in the process.
    So now you tell me that Jane Goodall is the cause of problems in Tanzania, by the same right, you (and alot of other people who own a mobile phone) caused the problems in the Congo basin.
    Do you really want to tell me that Africa and African nature were doing fine before the primatologists came along? Personally I find that opinion a bit too narrow minded and quite far from the truth.

  37. I do not own a cell phone, neither do I believe in technology that separates humans from one another, it depersonalizes the contact. In regards to the additional information you asked me to read I will read it and I will get back to you on this. Oh and you are right, I have been far too forceful, I allowed my emotions to run unchecked, and that was very wrong of me. I do apologize for the diatrabe. As I said I will look at the information you have so kindly provided and I will get back to you regarding this. Thankyou for your tolerance.

  38. Although all of us commenting on this website are having troubles seeing from each others point of view, you have to stop and think about how amazing it is that so many people have been able to express their views. No matter what debate it starts.

  39. You ape lovers sicken me. You skew numbers to fullfill your agenda, you have people like Amman who put such ludicrous captions as “this baby gorilla is being kicked and taunted” with film footage that shows no such thing happening. Why does the save the orangutan series have footage of the bos rescue team darting an orangutan, and later on they use the same footage to claim that the hunters just shoot these animals out of the trees, yet it is the same footage used in the previous clip. Just how stupid do you think we are? You compound your errors by humanizing these animals (it is know as anthromorphization), you give them attributes they do not possess, human attributes(this clearly shows how desperate you really are), like psychological trauma, another photo of an infant orangutan in human infant pajamas in a human crib and it is yawning, so you put the ridiculous caption “”this infant is clearly traumatized by seeing its mother killed.” what drivel you spout and how you twist the facts like when you claim that thousands of apes are being killed every year the sheer amount of orphaned apes you take in. If this were true your centers would be awash in bonobos chimpanzees gorillas and orangutans, you would not be able to feed that many in fact your centers would close due to overwhelming numbers of supposed orphans. That woman jane goodall has destroyed the Gombe chimps by feeding them (this caused them to stop foraging for food as they would have naturally), then she began touching the infants further corrupting the apes, and worst of all she treated them like humans. There is one particularily dangerous chimpanzee named frodo and adult who has already attacked a woman and tore her infant from her and ran off. This animal killed and partly ate the infant, and the only thing goodall would say was he was being territorial.! There were no consequences for the ape or for goodall! In my opinion this chimp shoul have been destroyed and the ape center shut down! It is sickening to hear these self titled primatologists blame humans, for the apes behavior. Humans are the superior species on this planet and apes are below us. I agree with medical testing on apes this research saves human lives, I agree that these are animals not human. You ape phonies condem humans wholesale, but you shove your slick propoganda media presentations down our throats presenting these animals as our relatives (bullshit!!!), and demanding that we give you even more money to “save the apes”. Hey how about we stop sending you money and we start supporting the human needs which are far more important than these animals. Stop the lying stop the whining and please stop blaming humans for the misguided work of goodall galdakis and their ilk.

    1. THANKS GOODNESS *someone* had the intestinal fortitude to finally
      speak in realistic terms. Giving wild animals cutesy names and obsessing
      on “how HUMAN they are” does not make them so. I am getting soooo
      sick of all the snake-oil we are being sold on the issues involving apes
      (and I personally am charmed by orangutans). The primatologists are
      right about one thing – apes belong in the jungles and anyone who
      does not have a good reason to be there should stay as far away from
      them as possible, period. It was GREAT to finally read something SENSIBLE on the subject, as this post.

  40. I saw an orangutan clip on you tube and I was immediately stuck by the way the human staff treated these animals like human infants. Then according to the narrator a a horrible event took place. a small infant was fifty feet up in a tree and the thing lost its grip and fell out of the tree. i have never seen such panic among the staff. They rushed the tiny ape into a hut where a human doctor not a vet but an M.D. started to call for various medical equipment including oxygen. I want to know why a M.D. is working there, and not administering his help to humans, but these apes. These orangutans are considered pests by the majority of the natives because these animals destroy the palm oil plants that the people depend on for their paltry income. I do not blame the native peoples for killing these pests (we have a coyote problem and we shoot them whenever we can and we would never tolerate any interference by any save the coyote people. You people have gone to a foreign country and you decide how the native populace should live. You place these animals above humanity, and condem humans roundly yet at the same time you want us to donate to your cause after you blame us in the west for somehow being the cause for these animals becoming extinct. You have people like Amman who present us with slick posed images and like that Mitty says you add ludicrous captions designed to elicit sympathy for your cause, and yet Mitty and others have pointed out just how phony your campaign is. I have watched the same clips and nowhere is a baby gorilla ” being kicked or even taunted” And you people actually give captions to photos of diapered infant apes who are living much better than some unfortunate human beings. I tell you if It were up to me your supplies would be diverted to human use to save human lives. Your centers would be shut down and you would be expelled from the country and as for the apes the apes who could not fend for them selves one year and under would be sold to accredited zoos, and the rest to be released into the wild, and these apes would either survive, (which could be iffy since you people have already corrupted the apes true nature, by having them crammed together in groups thus destroying the solitary nature of these animals, shame on you!!!), or become food for clouded leopards, or other predators. your propaganda campaign does expose your desperate tactics and is an insult to a person who does their research and figures out that you people use stats which no one can prove to bolster your assertions, and to add insult to injury you people try to shove these infants animals on us as human. You are disgusting liars!!!!

  41. I would like to know… just how do the ape saving people do thier math? According to (unsubstantiated) claims that orangutans gorillas chimpanzees and bonobos are going to be extinct in the wild in 10-15-25 years is not adding up. This claim was being published fifteen years ago, but no independant unbiased body has ever confirmed these numbers. A former police chief tried to visit nyaru menteng in Borneo to gather facts, on the numbers. He was refused by them as they cited fears of human diseases infecting the orangutans, especially the infant orphans. Well he did ask the question as to why the surrogate mothers to these infant orangutans leave the center every evening to go home, having contact with many humans in the community some who he was sure are nursing a cold or malria , but these women go back and forth daily. He got no answer for his query. He had contacted a number of ape rescue centers in borneo sumatra and africa via mail to make enquiries and to date he has not recieved a single reply from any of them. He is not a cynical poop disturber but he actually took the time to do his research, before he blindly gave money to the save the apes foundations. Through hard research and tenacious digging he uncovered a few very disturbing facts. Since 1999 when Lone Droescher Nielson opened the Orangutan rescue rehabilitation center there has not been one orangutan rescued who has been released into the wild, not one despite the claims by her that these apes are regularily released back into the wild. The infants as they grow are released onto an island in a group, where they are fed daily and if ill are taken back to the center to be nursed back to health. In fact her center is so packed that she puts out appeals for money to build more inadequate cages to keep these adult animals penned up but never released. The fact that all the infant ape orphans are treated just like human infants, coddled by surrogate human mothers, diapered medicated dressed in human infant clothing being bottle fed with human infant formula, are being altered by this incessant human contact, where they grow totally dependant on humans, turning out to be nothing more than caged pets never to be released successfully into the wild. The fact that these solitary animals are being made to grow and live in groups is doing nothing but making these apes reliant on constant human intervention. I watch Going Ape on animal planet and the same thing is going on with the human influence on these baby apes. The woman Dr. Sheri Speede is freaking out over the mauling of nino a smal infant chimp by an aggresive older male and she pulls all the stops to save nino, going as far as to operate on nino, etc. In the wild nino would have either survived or died as nature intends, but this unbalanced human intervention is altering the natural instinct of these apes.Goodall caused the Chimpanzees of Gombe to increase thier aggression, by feeding these apes causing these dangerous animals to no longer fear humans losing thier instict to forage in a wide territory becoming dependant on a human to feed. The actions taken by ape centers are altering the fundamental nature of animals. All I truly see is the creation of a disasterously dependant sub species of apes forever dependant on humans for food health and nurturing. Not one of these infants is a true ape anymore the line between human and ape has been blurred by the ape advocates to the point of Nations declaring human rights for apes, thats right personhood has already been conferred upon apes, by both Spain and Austria. I can never condone the slaughter of a species, but niether would I condone the altering of the apes nature to serve the purpose and needs of a few. The everpresent statements that these animals share anywhere from 95-98% of our D.N.A. are misleading, these claims are not completely true. Genetic scientists will firmly tell anyone that the lackingthat 2-5% is the differnce between humanity and animals, who are totally different from humans, like growing wings or an extra set of limbs or other physical/mental differences that can be seen as plain as the light of day. I do question all of this work based on a healthy desire to get past the cute infant apes who
    are doomed to a life dependant on humans, just like the “Orphaned baby apes they rescue”. The only thing to do is to release these animals back into the wild, Mother Nature will ensure the strong survive and the weak will be culled out by predators, or starvation, thanks to the useless skills they are taught by the humans who think they can teach the babies, better than any adult female orangutan who will adopt an infant if she does not have her own. The secrecy and and the veil of disinformation put out is indicitave of something is wrong with the slick media presentations put out by these organizations. These are legitamate concerns not an indictment. I have held infant apes rejected by thier mothers at the zoo I worked at and I saw the negative results when after a few weeks when returned to mother they are rejected again. Just like the mother and baby chimp that was initially rejected by mother once (after escaping) and twice when the woman brought the infant back. to see if mother would take it but mom brushed it off her and walked away. The problem I saw both times the woman stayed and gawped at both the apes influencing the mother to reject the baby twice, now the infant is being hand raised by a human. I hope this is not censored because I am asking legit questions and the statements I make are my opinion. These are only statements of my observations based on what I see and read in these sites.

  42. The mother orangutan sat there with the stupidist look on her face, he dropped his sights and saw a tiny bulb shaped infants head twisting aound to get at moms breast but mom vacantly pushes it away. The baby was only days old its Tiny face crumpling into a collapsed moue as mom pushes it aeay. But on the edge he sees another tiny figure clinging to the other side! Twins! He adjusts his aim and fires the mother ape slipping onto her side a hole appearing in her fore head and with a sigh she goes on her side causing the other baby to crawl towards the other twin the hunter pulls the second tiny struggling infant off the dead mom first then he tears the other twin off both are looking up at him thier tiny torsos twisting in his hands thier tiny arms pushing feebly to get away the tiny legs are drubbing away with zero grip. He ties thin cord around the left ankle of one tiny ape a to the right ankle of the other ape with a foot between them. they both try to go in different directions and it so funny he gets his mini cam out to record the ensuing antics. Both tiny apes end up on their butss sqeuking and tring ti drag the opther backwards. Using the bungee cord he hung them by the cord and he hung them upside down to see what they would do. Well the first tiny orang used its oversized belly to bump the other one away, but every time it would swing away it would come crashing back smacking the pusher ape good. The hunter laughed himself silly at the acrobatics display. Then one tiny ape got the bright idea of climbing up the other one to get to the top it began by pulling the other ape down and stepping on its huge belly then mashing its untied foot into the other apes face and it hauled itself up to a point until the bungee coed snapped back semding booth apes into a rocketing yo yo sending an orange fur ball tangled together in a mish mash of bulb heads tangled tiny limbs . The hunter fell over laughing as the tiny squeking things tried ti disentangle from each other. Finally bored the hunter lined up a wooden cage on its side about five feet away and pulling back on the orangutans holding each tiny head like an arrow and he fired the apes. The tiny squeeking apes cleared the line and hurtled tumbling end over end with flashes of funny faces to be reversed to tiny butts the sphincters tightly puckered back to the funny facial expressions going on as the apes careen towards the cage. And kabing! the baby apes hit the rim of the doors bouncing up in the air they both landed on the edge of the riverbank with a plop. Unfortunately the hunters entertainment was cut short as a crocodile came boiling out of the water snatching both tiny infants up halfway in its jaws thier lower halves frimly held in the crocs needle teeth the tiny apes actually screming in terror as the croc backs up both tiny apes upper torsos and thier tiny arms flailing to no avail. As if the croc knew the hunter could do nothing but stand on shore and watch as the croc bit down gulping the bottom halves of the tiny apes down as its teeth still were imbeded in the shreds of what was left. The tiny apes were not dead but both things shuddered and screamed low and died. The hunter was soo mad! now he would have to find two mothers with newborns.

  43. The track official signaled the track was ready. The tiny infant apes four of them where wheeled out in thier cages and lined up each one at the gate. The crowd was huge the first race in the orphan leagye was starting soon. The first handler opened the top of the cage and grabbing the tiny squeaking baby bonobo and holding it upside down she held the elctric clippers to its tiny butt shaving the fur off down to the pink. then hoding the struggling squeaking baby she held it dangling next the orangutan baby was shaven along with the gorilla baby and finally the hoot hooting chimp with huge ears. All the tiny infants werenot older than two weeks fresh from thier dead mothers. The orangutan was given gravol being airsick a bit. but allof them were shaved upside down quivering sphicters clenching as the cool breeze blew. now holding dripping sponges loaded with highest otane fuel the sponges were jammed up to the infants butts . The turpentine went to work immediately, each infant raring to go thier tiny faces set in their unique grins and their lims windmilling madly. . And they are off! well the tiny short legged huge bellied orangutan baby is taking the lead its short tiny legs drubbing down the track both of its tiny hands clenching its butt, but here comes the pack all grinning and banging into each other trying to outrun thier flaming butts. coming into the first turn the tiny chimpanzee infant is coming on strong and oh no the chimpanzee baby has exploded folks it burining and screaming reeling around the track oh the horror the humantiy folks a good racing infant wasted like that the yellow banana flag is out but the little speed demons ignore it still tearing along the gorilla baby now going past the tiny orangutan pulling on its funny bulbous head to launch himself ahead and the orangutan stubles and oh a hard smack right into the wall folks, oh hes not moving here comes the meat wa..uh ambulance and they are carriny the limp racer and we can see a major dent in the top of its bulb shaped head oph that’ll take some good metal but the sponsir has lots of beads and trinkets. the bonobo is pulling ahead of the gorilla ow then the gorilla jumps on the bonos back and start to beat the shit out of the squeeing infant banging its tiny head off the track (suspicion of rampant steroid use see how the gorilla is foaming at the mouth) off the track the bonobos grin still in place its yeys crossing as its head is dinging the florr. the gorilla satisfied that the bonobo is disabled gets off the tiny crumpled ape and jiggy jigs across the finish line still dancing around. What a race folkks carnage crashes exploding infants apes come back next week when the Jane Goodape( 500 feet)is running here! theres something for everybody, t shirts baby ape fingers deep fried, with sides of flayed orangutan meat, and todays special barbecued infant orangutans, but you pick em and you shoot the mother and you peel the tiny shitting sqeuaking baby off and we tie it and slathering it up to its neck in barbecues sauce the tiny flopping thing is gently dropped onto the grille. There also mini safaris hunt em shoot them and pack them home. for a small fee. yesiree here at apes r us we have everything for the vacation you’ve always wanted

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