More on the Mouse Lemurs (Microcebus) of Eastern Madagascar

I've tracked down the paper published in April of 2006, in the journal International Journal of Primatology, on the discovery of the three new species of mouse lemur from Madagascar. The paper is titled, "Revision of the Mouse Lemurs (Microcebus) of Eastern Madagascar" from Edward E. Louis, et al. The abstract reads, "Phylogenetic analysis of... Continue Reading →

According to Uganda, development will protect Great Apes

President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda opened the 21st Congress of the International Primatological Society sending this powerful message for the conservation and preservation of great apes, "The biggest threat to the ecosystems where these animals live is humans engaged in primitive agriculture." Museveni suggests that the poor living standards in Uganda specifically lead to the... Continue Reading →

Goodall opposes AIDS study on sooty mangabey monkeys

Jane Goodall is by now a household name amongst nearly everyone I know. Her work with chimpanzees in Gombe set the stage for awareness and advocacy towards non-human primates. Goodall has recently expanded her advocacy towards medical research on Cercocebus atys, also known as Sooty Mangabey monkeys. Sooty Mangabeys are listed as an endangered primate... Continue Reading →

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